We support candidates who support our families.

We are mothers. Feminist Oregon mothers. We envision a better Oregon with strong, pro-equity and pro-family public policies. And we’re fighting for it. Because we know from experience how dated and inadequate our current system is for families —especially for mothers.

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THIS WEEKEND ONLY: A ghoulish offer you won’t refuse!

It’s Friday the 13th and we don’t believe in bad luck (don’t step on any cracks today! Or walk under any ladders!) but you know what is frightening? Trump and local elected leaders like him (Dennis Richardson, for instance) continue to throw women under the bus. UTTERLY TERRIFYING. But we must fight back and win. Read More >

It’s Back – Dance like a Mother 2017!

It’s back! The Mother PAC’s 4th annual DANCE LIKE A MOTHER party is back at Holocene PDX. This is the place to shake it AND support political candidates across Oregon who know how to fight for what women and families need. Get your tickets here!! Here’s the Scoop: What: A dance party hosted by the Mother PAC Read More >

Why we LOVE Teresa Alonso Leon!

Every year a few candidates stand out for us, and we’re inspired to give them a little extra support. So today we want to tell you why we absolutely LOVE Teresa Alonso Leon! She’s running for House District 22, which represents Woodburn and NE Salem. As a mother-run political action committee, our reason for being Read More >

Come out and support these amazing candidates!

It’s election season, which means you’re likely getting bombarded with ads from different candidates everywhere you turn. And it can be a lot to cut through the noise and make a decision about whom to support! But that’s why we’re here! We spent the summer and fall talking to candidates across the state and have Read More >

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