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Let’s Re-Elect Senator Jeff Merkley!

Sometimes the decision to endorse a candidate is crystal clear. Like it was with our decision to endorse Senator Jeff Merkley for a second term representing Oregonians in the U.S. Senate. And we’re not just endorsing him. We’re very enthusiastically endorsing him.

What makes Senator Merkley so darn excellent to endorse?

Join us for a nearly Mother’s Day tea!

We’re hosting our “Nearly Mother’s Day” tea to honor mothers this election year — and we want you to join us! It’s on Sunday afternoon, May 4th from 2 to 4 PM in downtown Portland — can you make it?

No Summer Break for Working Parents

Susan Nielsen of The Oregonian is right to point out the summer conundrum that working American parents face every year when trying to responsibly provide and care for their children ("After hunt for summer child care, I need a vacation," April 8, 2013). She quotes Nancy Hauth, who oversees after-school care and other programs for Portland Public Schools: "Parents do keep working during the summer. It's frustrating that we haven't figured this out."

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