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The Mother PAC was founded and is run by a committee of Oregon mothers:

LISA FRACK has two children, born in Oregon in 2003 and 2006. She’s been fired up about the lack of family-friendly public policies in the U.S since learning she had no paid family leave as a pregnant federal employee. Since simply being fired up doesn’t equal change, she decided to do something about it because, well, we mothers are ready for some serious policy change. She is also a founding board member and communications director of Family Forward Oregon, The Mother PAC’s sister organization. She has a Masters in Public Policy from Duke University.

RENEE HACKENMILLER-PARADIS grew up in Oregon thinking that families everywhere recycled, composted, spent summer vacations camping at public access beaches, and staged local protests to get duck crossings put in on busy streets. After a decade in the Midwest, she realized that there is no place like home and Oregon is unique. Since returning in 2000 with her husband, she has been engaged in trying to keep it that way by instilling an appreciation of all things “Oregon” in her two children (and everyone else that will listen) and through her work at SHARP Strategies Consulting, LLC. Renee’s involvement with The Mother PAC allows her to feed her passions beyond environmental issues and dream of a future where all Oregon families have the support and tools necessary to be happy and healthy.

AMY HOJNOWSKI is the mother of two Oregonians and is very concerned with the significant inequities and barriers that moms and families face here everyday. She jumped at the chance to be of help by joining the MotherPAC board in 2013 and the Family Forward Action Board in 2015. Amy brings over 15 years of advocacy experience on behalf of many progressive organizations like Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, America Votes, MoveOn and National Environmental Trust. Before getting married Amy and her husband once traveled around the world for 18 months including a cross country trip in their 1977 VW camper van.

MARISSA MADRIGAL has always abhorred injustice – and she has diaries of pre-pubescent manifestos to prove it! Now, as a mother of two and chief of staff, she has dedicated her career to people, issues and policies that can make the world a better place for all of our families.  Whether running a campaign for more neighborhood parks in SW Washington or dissecting Multnomah County’s budget to find funding for critical social services, Marissa has successfully fought to bring the perspective of struggling families to the halls of power.

ANDREA PALUSO is a social worker turned community activist. She directs the efforts of The Mother PAC and it’s sister organization Family Forward Oregon and was a founder and spokesperson for the grassroots group Parents for Paid Leave.  She has Masters degrees from Columbia University in social work and public health and a work history in non-profit program management. As the mother of two young children, Andrea has been struck by the widening gap between contemporary American families and the policies designed to support them. She is committed to re-defining what it means to be “family-friendly” by advocating for policies that support the work of caring for kids and families and by supporting the candidates who will fight for them, too.


  • Caitlin Baggott
  • Shauna Ballo
  • Nancy Davis
  • Laura Illig
  • Beth Kapsch
  • Sunny Petit
  • Mary Peveto
  • Roberta Phillip (on leave as of November, 2015)
  • Kristin Teigen
  • Laurie Trieger
  • Serena Cruz Walsh
  • Tara West
  • Sarah Wetherson
  • Carrie Wyncoop


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