Our Vision


Our goal is to build an Oregon where today’s families can thrive. To do this, we need more pro-family elected officials. So we’re pooling our resources – and yours! – to elect key pro-family candidates who will champion the strong, family-friendly public policies Oregon families need. Together we send a powerful, strategic message that we simply cannot send alone.

We see an Oregon – and ultimately a nation – that looks like this:

  • Paid family leave and paid sick days are available to all – so we can care for ourselves and our families without losing our jobs.
  • Parents can find part-time work with equitable pay and benefits and on-the-job flexibility – so it’s possible to care for our families without forfeiting our careers or financial stability.
  • Child care is affordable, high-quality, and readily available to everyone who needs it.
  • Health insurance is not tied to our jobs.
  • Women have the freedom to choose when, how and whether they become mothers.
  • Every Oregon family, however it is configured, is treated equally.
  • Women, mothers and people of color don’t suffer financially because of the wage gap.
  • There are more mothers in elected office who support smart public policies for modern families.

Worth fighting for, isn’t it?