Why we LOVE Janelle Bynum!

janelle_blogpost2016 is a BIG election year and not just because of the Presidential election in November. Oregonians have important races to determine right here at home, too, from local city and county races all the way on up to Governor. You can see our list of general endorsements on our website here.

Every year a few candidates stand out for us, and we’re inspired to give them a little extra support. So today we want to tell you why we absolutely LOVE Janelle Bynum! She’s running for House District 51, which represents East Portland and parts of Clackamas County. As a mother-run political action committee, our reason for being is to identify and support great candidates who are strong on the issues we all care about –  and Janelle fits the bill! We’re confident you’ll also agree that she’s a good fit for the job.

Here’s why we love her:

  • Reason 1: As a mother of 4, she knows firsthand about the challenges mothers face in trying to balance providing for and caring for a family.
  • Reason 2: As a black woman, we believe Janelle brings a perspective and life experience that is desperately needed in our (very) majority-white legislature. Representation matters.
  • Reason 3: As a business owner, Janelle has been ahead of the curve in providing a family-supportive work environment for her employees. She knows that supporting them and their families is good for business. As a legislator, she wants to champion the policies that ensure women get paid equally for equal work.

Agree that Janelle has what it takes to champion the smart policies that Oregon’s families need? Great! We need your help. Janelle is in a very tight race (one of the tightest in the state) against someone whom we know won’t move Oregon forward like she will. This race matters – to everyone in our state.

There are only 9 days left until election day and every call we make and door we knock, matters. If you’re interested in supporting Janelle’s campaign, you can still help by donating to her campaign here.

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