The Maternal Wall

Our good friend and co-founder of wrote a strong piece in The Washington Post on March 15, 2013 about overcoming the maternal wall.  And since a lot folks out there don’t know what that even is, we want to be sure her piece gets around.

Rujuta Gaonkar, FFO Board Member
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NPR Airs Story on Working Mom Conundrum

The recent brouhaha in the national news media around Ann Romney’s work as a stay-at-home mother of five has yielded some excellent commentary that — happily — reaches far behind the old “mommy wars.” Because today’s mothers know that there are much more important issues at stake, ranging from the high cost of child care to lack of workplace flexibility and paid time off to care for sick family members. Plus, most of us do stints of paid and unpaid work throughout our time as mothers, so the divide is no longer relevant (if it ever was).

Take a minute (or four) to listen to this excellent NPR story on the challenges of working mothers in the United States — it’s another positive outcome of the hullaballoo.

Oregon’s 2011 Sloan Award Winners for Workplace Flexibility

We know that creating a family-forward workplace takes courage and leadership.  We also know that Oregon families – and businesses – do better in flexible workplaces.  And in the 21st century, it’s the new way to work.  So in 2011, Family Forward Oregon brought the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility to Oregon […]

The Fair Employment Opportunity Act Passes!

The Urban League and Family Forward Oregon partnered to support this victory for Oregonians who want to work! We don’t think people who are not currently in the workforce should be shut out of certain jobs simply because they’re not currently employed. Discriminating actions like that just aren’t the way to get unemployed Oregonians working again.