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We’re Oregon mamas and caregivers working together to get more women, mamas, and women of color elected to office in Oregon. We support candidates who are committed to fighting for mamas and caregivers and the families that rely on them — candidates who will fight for the things we need, like paid family and medical leave and affordable, quality child care.

Thanks to our amazing supporters, we’ve smashed glass ceilings and helped build an Oregon legislature that— for the first time ever — is mostly led by women.

Together, we’re bringing the issues that mamas and families face to the forefront of our elected leaders agenda. Will you join today and help build the next women’s wave in Oregon?  

Donate to The Mother PAC today and help make Oregon a better place for all women, mamas, and our families.

Don’t forget, single filers in Oregon get a tax credit for the first $50 of a PAC donation, and joint filers get a tax credit for the first $100.