Our Work

We believe that in order to build a system that works for us—for mamas, caregivers, and our families—we need to elect leaders to understand the things our families need. That’s why, for ten years, the Mother PAC has worked to get more mamas, women, and people of color elected to office in Oregon. 

Depending on the particular election cycle, we get involved in races across the state, ranging from county seats all the way up to the Governor’s office.

Endorsement Process

Our Endorsement Committee, which includes mamas representing a range of identities, holds in-depth interviews with candidates in key races. Candidates are given the opportunity to describe their position on the issues most pressing for mamas and our families, like the child care crisis and covid-related emergency assistance.

Endorsement interviews usually take place in-person, and are an opportunity for mamas to truly have their voices heard. Following interviews, the Committee decides which candidates The Mother PAC will endorse.

Our volunteer-led and multilingual Endorsement Committee is rebuilt every election cycle, so that more mamas have an opportunity to engage with candidates and discuss the issues that matter to them. 

Candidate Education

We want to make sure that once elected, the candidates we endorse stay true to the commitments they made—commitments to fight for mamas, caregivers, and our families. That requires making sure they deeply understand the issues we face.

Starting with the endorsement interviews, we bring these issues to the forefront of elected leaders’ agendas. We also provide additional training to demonstrate how child care and paid leave are directly connected to racial, gender, and economic justice.

Candidate Support

In addition to providing each endorsed candidate with The Mother PAC’s Seal of Approval, we pool resources and time to support the candidates who need us. Sometimes that includes canvassing, phonebanking, or text-banking; other times, it’s encouraging our supporters to get involved directly with a campaign.

Together, we’re building a future—and system— that works for all of us.