Election 2014 | Candidate Endorsements


We see an Oregon that values its families through strong, family-friendly public policies. One way to turn our vision into reality is to support local candidates who share our vision – and are willing to champion the kind of policies today’s families need. Policies that:

  • Support the economic security of those providing care to children and others, especially mothers.
  • Modernize workplaces and public programs to better support parents.
  • Guarantee equity for *all* Oregon’s families.

In 2014, we asked candidates for our state legislature to share their views about and make commitments in 4 policy areas: 

  1. Extending paid sick time to every working Oregonian
  2. Reducing maternal poverty & finding ways to make retirement more financially secure for women
  3. Making childcare more affordable and accessible for everyone who needs it
  4. Ensuring that women are paid equally for equal work — especially mothers and women of color, who experience the widest wage gaps

Why these? Because they’re either urgent for Oregon mothers and families or likely to move ahead soon at the state level, or both. Of course we know that there is more to be done – but don’t worry, we’re in it for the long haul and have other key issues in the hopper for the right moment.

To identify candidates we wanted to endorse, we interviewed many for an hour based on a questionnaire they received in advance that both describes the problems we think need to be solved — and invites their proposed solutions.  You can read our questionnaire for state legislative candidates here.


  • Re-elect John Kitzhaber [win]


OUR ENDORSEMENTS for the Oregon HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES (there are 60 districts):

OUR ENDORSEMENTS for the Oregon SENATE (there are 30 districts):

Not sure what district you live in?  Never fear, you can quick look it up here (just enter your address + zip).

Curious where we stand on the statewide ballot measures?  | We urge you to vote YES on 86, 88 & 89 – learn more here.